542257_10151606412177656_1916245773_nNaomi Mann started Mann Made which is a wellness and life style consulting firm that helps people obtain a beautiful place to call home and clients living and being their best self. Naomi’s background has been in interior design for 15 years specializing in creating sustainable environments for her clients. Her belief is that your home is your sanctuary it should be a representation of what you love, who you are and your family as well as be be beautifully designed. Through her own experiences in life she realized the importance of not only creating beautiful homes her clients could live in yet also the importance of being healthy so that you could enjoy them. So she has naturally become a wellness coach and focus’s on the importance in attain “mind, body and spirit” balance in her own life and now helps others attain that too. Naomi has always life by the quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi and she firmly believe you must live that for your inner self as well as the world we live in and she helps you attain that for your self by being your best self.